Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity and Quality

We prepare our bodies for physical activity, but what do we do for our minds? Throughout our day, we are asked to be creative, to invent ideas, to create. If ideas are the currency of the creative industry, what do we do to prepare our brains for idea generation? How do we train ourselves to come up with more ideas, and better yet, greater ideas? We stretch, of course!

Caffeine for the Creative Mind is a collection of short, focused creative exercises that get the brain working along a path that is more in tune to creative invention. The book contains over 250 “creative stretching" exercises. The exercises are brief, fun and are meant to invoke creative, thought-provoking responses. Get your brain moving by engaging in an exercise right at the start of your day or stop and do one whenever you need a creative jolt. The exercises are simple and conceptual, some with pad and pencil, some with digital camera, markers, words, phrases, icons, pictures, magazine cutouts… anything that might stimulate the brain into thinking alternatively...coming up with solutions that challenge you to alter your perspective and see your environment differently.

Replace Brainstorming with Brainsqualling

Brainstorming. In your office, your school or your group, it may have already become a bad word. You're charged with generating a great idea, the next big thing, the perfect concept. But you only have a limited amount of time, and you have to do it with your whole team. Where do you start?

Working with a team can be difficult, and generating viable ideas within a team can be even harder. Caffeine for the Creative Team is there to help, providing a valuable tool to replace ineffective brainstorming processes with a new directive: brainsqualling.

The follow-up to Caffeine for the Creative Mind contains all new exercises targeted to teams, labeled for the appropriate sized group. It also features an exploration of effective brainsqualling techniques and interviews with some of the brightest creative leaders in the industry who have and share first-hand experience with ideation in teams. Caffeine for the Creative Team explores the dynamic of group ideation, offering a solution to those dry, boring, unproductive brainstorm sessions you've come to dread. Crack it open and start innovating today.